About us...

An interdisciplinary team of young researchers motivated to close the gap between industry, academia and the clinic to bring rehabilitation to the next level.

Learning from patients...

All our research projects are developed and carried out in constant interaction with patients, caregivers, and clinicians.

Where we are...

We work adjacent to the cereneo Center of Neurology and Rehabilitation in Vitznau and Hertenstein. Both world-class clinics are located directly at the Lake Lucern in the middle of Switzerland.

Cutting-edge technology

We provide access to cutting-edge technology, including the movement lab CAREN, a 3.0T MRI, a taste lab, various IMU sensor systems and a variety of therapeutic devices of all disciplines.


Movement Lab


Optical motion Capture System (Vicon Nexus); Split-belt treadmill with integrated force plates; Motion platform with 6D motion; EMG System (Cometa Wave Pico; 8ch, EMG & IMU options); 3 high speed video cameras (Basler)

3.0T MRI

3.0T MRI (Philips Ingenia)

PRIDE Research; Extensions: Flow Labelling, Diffusion, DRIN & XTC; Wide range of coils; Audio and Visual real-time interfaces (OptoACTIVE OptoAcoustics Ltd); MRI compatible motion capture system for real-time motion capture (Qualisys); MRI compatible stepper (MARCOS v2)

VR - Systems

VR/AR Systems

HTC Vive 2 Google Glass (developer edition) Microsoft Hololens 2 Oculus Quest

Therapy Devices

Therapy Devices

Lokomat® Pro V6 (Hocoma AG; Armeo®Power (Hocoma AG); Armeo®Spring (Hocoma AG); Pablo® (Tyromotion GmbH); Diego® (Tyromotion GmbH); AMADEO® (Tyromotion GmbH); Zero-G® (Aretech LLC); C-Mill VR+ (Motek Medical B.V.); REDANCE®-Clinical (Redance GmbH); Octopus900 (Haag-Streit Deutschland GmbH); RehaIngest (Hasomed)

Sensing Systems

Sensor Systems

IMU-based (Zurich Move, GaitUp, Xsens, various prototypes); Pressure-based (StAPPone); Video-based (AKINA, OpenCAP)


Cereneo Foundation – Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Hertenstein

Herstensteinstrasse 162, 6353 Weggis

Cereneo Foundation – Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Vitznau:

Seestrasse 18, 6354 Vitznau

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